官方规定是 美国排球规则 与以下OSSO适配:

团队 & 玩家: 球队由3名或3名以上已登记球员组成. 团队 with fewer than 3 players are incomplete and forfeit the game or match. Team must contain at least on female player on court at all times.

得分: A game is won by the team that first scores 21 points with a lead of two points. 如果是21比21的平局, play is continued until a 2-point advantage is reached or until a cap of 27 is reached(e.g. 23-21 or 27-26). 将使用拉力得分.

匹配: A best two-out-of-three games match is won by the team that wins two games. In case of a 1-1 tie, a deciding game to fifteen points shall be played immediately. 21/21/15

法院开关: 在21分的比赛中,每场比赛后都会换场地.

发球顺序/球员位置: The service rotation order specified by the starting line-up must be maintained throughout the game. Players are free to position themselves anywhere within their court. 没有位置错误.
法院设置: 比赛将在双打线上进行

  • Ball “In Play” – The ball is “in play” from the service contact until the ball is out of play.
  • Ball “Out of Play” – The ball is “out of play” from the moment the ball contacts the ground or a fault is committed.
球“在”-球是“在”的时候, 在被放进去之后, its first contact with the ground is on the playing court or a boundary line or when it causes a boundary line to move.
  • 在被放进去之后, its first contact with the ground is completely outside the playing court and it does not cause boundary lines to move;
  • It completely crosses the net outside the crossing space after the attacking team’s third contact.
  • 它碰到了球场外的一个物体, an overhead object or a person out of play; or It touches the antennas, 绳子, 天线外的柱子或网.


A. 游戏中的第一服务
  • The first service of the first game and any deciding game is executed by the team determined by the rock/papers/scissors.
  • The first service of the second game will be determined by the choice of the team captain who lost the rock/papers/scissors match prior to the first game.
B. 执行服务
  • 服务器可以在终点线后面自由移动. 在服务或起飞时为服务, 禁止服务器接触服务区外的地面. 球员的脚不得越过边界线. After the service contact, the player may land on the court or outside the service zone.
  • If a boundary line moves without being touched by the server, it is not a fault.


  • 球员可以用身体的任何部位触球.
  • A player may have successive contacts with the ball during a single attempt to make the team’s first contact provided the fingers are not used to direct the ball.
  • The ball must be contacted cleanly and not held, lifted, pushed, caught, carried or thrown. The ball cannot roll or come to rest on any part of a player’s body. 它可以向任何方向反弹.
  • A contact of the ball using the fingers of one or two hands to direct the ball toward a teammate is a set. A player may set the ball in any direction toward his/her team’s court. Rotation of a set ball may indicate a held ball or multiple contacts during the set but in itself is not a fault.
  • 单手触球时, 除了把球传给队友, the ball must be cleanly hit with the heel or palm of the hand. 故意将球打入对方场地, the player must contact the ball above his/her shoulders and must direct the ball perpendicular to the direction his/her shoulders are facing.
  • 不要张开手


缺点:玩 The following types of faults can occur during an attempt to play the ball:
  • Four hits: a team contacts the ball four times before returning it to the opponents.
  • Assisted hit: a player takes support from a teammate or any object in order to reach the ball.
  • Double contact: a player contacts the ball twice in succession or the ball contacts various parts of the player’s body successively.
  • 持球:球员接触球不干净.


A. 球过网.
  • A ball sent to the opponent’s playing area must pass over the net within the crossing space. The crossing space is the part of the vertical plane of the net limited to below (by the top of the net) and sides (by the antennas (posts) and their imaginary extensions).
  • A ball completely crossing the net below the net or entirely outside the antennas (posts) may be recovered within the limits of the three team contacts.
  • A ball completely crossing the net above the net and within or over the antennas (posts) may not be recovered.

B. 球触网.

  • 球过网时可能碰到网.

C. 网内球(发球除外).

  • A ball driven into the net may be recovered within the limits of the three team contacts.
D. 让我们发球吧.


网下球员: 渗透到对手的游戏区域和空间.
  • Players may partially or completely cross the center line below the net or outside the poles, 要么之前, 在合法打球期间或之后, 在不干扰对方游戏的情况下. 与对手的偶然接触被忽略, unless such contact interferes with the opponent’s opportunity to play the ball.
  • If a player crosses the center line and interferes with an opponent during the continuation of a play, 这是一个错误, 不管对手的球技如何.
  • While opposing players are not required to avoid the ball or the player, they cannot intentionally interfere with any legal attempt to play the ball on their court.

阻塞联系: No restrictions exist as to which players may participate in a block.